In praise of Empowered Women’s Circles

This work is deep and unique

“I found the program extremely transformative in terms of unlocking the parts of myself that can limit me or hold me back. I gained a deeper understanding of my own values and deep life purpose. I appreciate more my female leadership traits. Sue is an expert coach, facilitator and somatic Psychotherapist. This program is deep work, a unique program in terms of how it was set up. Sue skillfully and carefully created a safe space that enabled deep engagement and meaningful connection between myself, and my soul, and the other women leaders”.

Dr Nicky Howe, CEO SouthCare

A collaborative approach to leadership

“…. a rich resource of information tailored for female leaders in an environment that was supportive and inclusive. The group environment allowed participants to learn from each other in such a way that differences were respected. Whilst we came from different contexts, it was reassuring to hear that each of our experiences and insecurities had a common thread. The program gave me a greater insight into not only my own capacity as a leader but also inspired my ongoing leadership development. My key learnings included how to encourage my team to develop themselves to be the best they can be, and create a collaborative environment. With Sue’s insight and facilitation skills, I highly recommend this program to all women looking to develop themselves in this ever changing world of leadership.”

Julie Broad, Manager Food Recue, Uniting Care West

A rare and unique feminine perspective

“I really enjoyed Sue’s Empowered Women In Leadership Circle program. It is a rare opportunity for women to explore the concept and ideas of leadership from a unique feminine perspective. This program managed to integrate many of my core beliefs and philosophy into a coherent and intelligent leadership opportunity. This is unique, and I feel I can more confidently lead from a feminine and congruent place. To share this journey with other women was fun and invigorating and Sue’s wonderful facilitation skills and thoughtful programing made the experience rewarding and insightful.”

Pilar Kasat, Managing Director, CAN

A new framework for leadership development

“What I liked about this program was that it brought women leaders together to explore and examine leadership collectively. The opportunity to be part of a very necessary co-operative and collaborative process – to create change – has been hugely enhanced through participating in Women in Leadership Circle. Learning about Barrett’s Values gave me a whole new framework for thinking about my own development as a leader. Having a group to bounce off brought richness and the all important peer learning that is usually the best aspect of any program. Sue’s facilitation was wise, kind and knowledgeable. Highly recommended.”

Pip Brenan Executive Director, Health Consumers’ Council Inc

A great example of the emotional intelligence in leadership

“WILC was not what I had anticipated, however it exceeded all expectations. The program focused on the emotional intelligence development of leaders,  and how this can be employed to shape and steer robust leadership in yourself and others (and not just in the workplace.) For me personally, the key learnings which I will carry forward – the embracing of my strengths and weaknesses, as they give me a dimension of character and the substance of integrity; and a familiarity with my “triggers” and how to short circuit them. Sue I thank you very much for the opportunity and privilege of participating in the program. It truly was an empowering and liberating experience, an amazing growth journey!!.”

Carmel Beinart, Chairperson, Manna Food Bank

Bringing together inspiring women

“…. a phenomenal experience which doesn’t equate to anything else I have participated in. A group of inspiring women leaders were brought together to learn from each other. This was interlaced with the most current leadership thinking, research and access to valuable tools such as personality profiling, understanding our feminine traits and the value of bringing our authentic selves to work.  For me, to have the opportunity to peel back the layers of over 25 years of a very mixed career and discover the driving factor behind everything I do, to be able to articulate my whole reason for being and what it is that inspires me to be the best I can for myself and those around me – was the most precious gem that I will carry with me forever. I would highly recommend this to any women in a leadership role who is looking to increase their understanding of their own mission, improve their confidence in their own leadership style, or who value a deeper connection with other like-minded women.”

Lana Snook, Executive Manager, People Development at Ruah Community Services

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