Empowered Women’s Circles

TOGETHER we can make an even greater difference

Are you ready to stretch your leadership or professional skills?

Do you long to express your unique voice and step into your power?
Would you love the backing of a group of supportive peers?

Join an Empowered Women’s Circle now – and fuel your ongoing success!

empowered-women-together-circle2Surrounding yourself with like-minded women, and sharing the journey,
is an extremely validating, deeply rewarding, and inspiring experience.

Empowered Women’s Circles

These peer circles are made up of small groups of 6-8 women, who meet face-to-face for 5 months – inviting deeper intimacy, trust and collaboration amongst peers. The Circle programs are values-based and experiential – addressing the unique issues women face in their professional lives.

Each woman is guided on her own professional development journey of Self Discovery and Self Mastery, engaging in one on one coaching sessions and reflective learning activities, whilst drawing on the experience and wisdom of her peers.

There are a range of Circles to meet your particular professional circumstances – whether you are an aspiring professional OR  an experienced leader.

Circles focus on a particular sector (ie. the Not For Profit sector – exploring the values and experiences unique to that sector) or span across sectors to offer a diversity of experience and perspective.

Which Circle would empower me?

For Aspiring Professionals or Emerging Leaders… 
Empowered Women’s Circle
is for women ready to take the next steps in their professional lives. The focus is on knowing yourself (your values, your unconscious drivers, your strengths), having a clear vision of the direction you want to take, applying the learning and taking the next steps. The Program empowers women to be authentic, courageous and be inspired to make a difference – integrating both a personal, and collective, professional learning journey.

For Experienced Leaders… Women in Leadership Circle is for women aspiring to have greater impact and broader influence within the organisation’s and sectors that they lead. The Program empowers women who are already proven leaders with the support, wisdom and skills needed to navigate 21st century leadership challenges. The focus is on collaboration and exploring solutions to common leadership challenges – integrating both a personal, and collective, leadership learning journey.

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