Sue Rolinson

Drawing on over 30 years’ experience in leadership, management, organisational development, and consulting – Sue’s career has focused on the development of human resources, building and transforming organisational culture, and achieving organisational and business outcomes.

Sue blends her one on one skill with her love of leading and training others. As a qualified Psychotherapist, with a Diploma in Professional Coaching and a Bachelor in Business, she has extensive experience working in numerous capacities across the Business, Not For Profit, and Public sector’s,  both internationally and nationally.

Sue recognises that the courage to be authentic, and believe in oneself, is the essential mindset a woman needs to lead a successful, rewarding and fulfilling career. Yet this can be a woman’s greatest challenge. On her own leadership journey, learning to embrace her own inner critic reaped the greatest rewards, enabling her to realise her own dreams.

Driven to achieve, by my late 30s I had a proven track record of being a multi-skilled and successful business manager, consultant, educator, and psychotherapist. Yet despite my qualifications, breadth of accomplishments, and the external appearance of leading a rewarding career – I was consistently undermined by a harsh inner critic that sabotaged my self-confidence, self-worth and professional contentment. By this time I had had the privilege of counselling and training many other women….so I knew I was not alone. This ignited my curiosity and led me to study feminine psychology and its implications for women in their professional lives – discovering effective tools and strategies that women can implement to thrive in their careers”.

Sue is inspired to assist other women wanting to build their confidence, unleash their potential AND love what they do. Understanding the gifts and challenges of the female mindset, she has empowered 100’s of aspiring women to proactively develop their careers, transition to a new career, expand their leadership capacities or reach their business ambitions. Getting quickly to the heart of the matter, Sue’s gift is in assisting women to make the inner shifts necessary to achieve their outer aspirations.

With extensive experience in facilitating and training groups, Sue is competent at building and motivating high performing teams and groups. With a high degree of emotional intelligence and sensitivity, she expertly builds group cohesion, manages group dynamics and inspires learning – enabling both individuals and teams to flourish.

Passionate about catalysing transformational change – in women and in the organisation’s that they lead – Sue facilitates bringing women together in deeper engagement, enabling them to truly collaborate, draw on the wisdom of the collective, and co-create new leadership paradigms.

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